Fiber Optic Cables

Fibre optic cables are designed by HES KABLO according to customer requirement to use at long distance and local telecommunication networks and are produced using the most updated machinery and technology. HES KABLO can produce up to 216 fibres cable with loose tube technology and tight or semi tight coated buffer cables as well. Single mode or multi mode fibre cables are produced for duct, direct burried or aerial installation in accordance with the customer specifications or requirements. Optic fibre is colored by UV technology then placed in buffer tubes, up to 12 fibres in a tube tube then filled with thixotropic jelly.

Buffer tubes are stranded around a FRP or steel central strength member to form cable core. The interstices between tubes and central strength member are filled with petroleum jelly to prevent water penetration. Cable core may be covered by aramid (or glass) yarn or aluminium tape as moisture barrier then cable core is sheathed by MDPE or HDPE. If required, cable core is also sheathed by an inner jacket and armoured by corrugated steel tape to provide radial strength and rodent protection. Armouring can also be made by steel wires or aramid yarn.Finished cable is packed in standard or specific lengths as per customer request and shipped after final inspection tests.All raw materials, semi finished and finished products are tested at every stage of production according to the ISO 9001 regulations.

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