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PVC Granule


PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is one of the most popular amorphous plastics. There are two kinds of PVC; one is hard type and the other is flexible or soft. Hard PVC is used for production of pipe, window frame, wall covering, etc. These are strong, hard, nonflammable and resistant for heavy weather condition. Soft PVC is used as a floor covering, making toys and gloves and in the cable industry as well. Especially PVC having low temperature stability can easily stick to metallic surface when it’s heated. PVC is widely used in cable industry because of its resistant for heavy weather condition, easy processing and better electrical properties.
If PVC is directly subjected to heat, HCl (hydrogen chloride) is disseminated and colour of the PVC gets yellow. Depending on the rate of corruption due to the heat, color of PVC changes to yellow, red, brown, black respectively. During the heating, all physical and chemical properties change. During the process, toxic gases disseminate and humidity are got away by vacuum. Some additional materials should also be used in production process. These are generally as followings;

Pvc Formule

1. Vinyl Chloride
2. Plastiphians
3. Stabilizetor
4. Lubricant
5. Filling (bedding) compound
6. Strength modifier
7. Compounds to facilitate of process
8. Pigments

Flame retardant and optic bledcher material can also be used with above. Different type PVC granules can be produced by changing the rate of the above materials in the granule according to the requirements of application field for final product.
PVC granules are mainly used as 4 different types in the cable industry as lifted below.

Type Of PVC Granule

1. Outer sheath
2. Insulation
3. Filler
4. PVC for flexible cables

In addition above, flame retardant and other specific type of granules can be produced according to costumer requirements. Our production capacity is 2 tons per hour.

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